Today we highlight that one new piece you need to buy this spring.

By Yvette E

Courtesy of GQ

This spring, your underwear are your pants. That’s right, boxers are being used as shorts and appearing on the Italian runway. We are not talking those flimsy ones. So guys it’s time to invest (or buy for you guys always going camando) underwear.

Of course, we not asking you to wear the lacy number that Varsace showcased (too risky for real life) but a good boxer can go along way.

Here are 3 things to look for when buying that perfect boxer:

  • Quality materials – I am seeing alot of the satin variety and make sure the fabric is thick.
  • Prints – I also love the bold prints but if you want people not to look at youe underwear, stick to patterns commonly used in outerwear – plaids, stripes, etc.
  • Length and loose – Mid thigh is the perfect length because shorter boxers can be tight and we want some mystery.

So as always if you are thinking about this trend then possibly hit us up and let us know. We will be on the lookout.

Happy Man-day 💋

Every friday we outline the trend that hasn’t picked a gender and looks cool by snobbing the norm.

By Yvette E

Sheer is the clear winner with both sexes baring it all this season (pun intended). We hope to start doing personal style looks on fridays but until then look for transtrends (is that in poor taste?).

We love this one because usually they are gender switching rules like the “floral for every one” trend required men to wear smaller prints then women or the oxford trend where men wore it in bold colors while women stuck to neutrals.

Some people argue that these trends bleed over to men as designers seek to minimize designing load. What ever it is..It is gold!

Thinking about rocking this trend in the next few months and want tips? Drop us a line below.

Happy Friyay, 💋

We are halfway through the winter season so it’s time to think about Spring.

By Yvette E

Buttery soft leather

We called this trend way back in 2016 and it’s finally arrived. It seems wearing cold weather materials are in style during warmer months. We can all remember last Spring’s summer sweaters. I suggest not wearing it all together though least you die of heat stroke.

Ruffles and more ruffles

Are we really going back to the 1800s? Both the explosion of color and fabric make those looks impossible for everyday life.

The decade that won’t die

So tired of 70s fashion references! Can you pick another decade or maybe just not do trends at all and be original?

If you decide to work any of these trends tag us @tfgnyc and we will feature you on our street style section of the blog and our Instagram page.

Happy Wednesday!💋

As American brands turn away from kitschy accessories and clothes, it’s getting harder to get items that will have you stand out.

By Yvette E

Since the demise of Betsey Johnson as a brand and the purchase of Kate Spade, mid tier Kitsch is on the decline.

Yes, you can still find a cheap kitsch purse at Forever 21 or Rainbow but if you want quality, the next tier is in the thousands.

It’s not even the death of American Kitsch that’s the main problem. Other brands have trouble staying in the US market.

Nicopanda had stores like Macy’s, Urban outfitters and Opening Ceremony knocking on their door in 2015 but now doesn’t even have an online store.

Desigual closed 2 stores in NY and changed direction of the brand for US market.

So where do you go for a breakout accessory?

We compiled a list of possible of mid-priced Kitsch brands below:


Aldo is doing a great job on mid-priced bags, picking up where Charming Charlie left off.


Alternative sites that contain alot of brands are your best bet. Asos carrys a great selection of mid priced brands that cab be kitschy and othef non-normcore styles.


Steve Madden and Sophie Webster both get our vote here but Steve is more accessible in the States.

Do you know any Kitschy brand under the radar or if you design kitsch let us know and comment below.

Happy Friyay and a 3 Day Weekend!!💋

The experts say no recession is in the pipeline but consumers are spending less and sales percents are higher just like in 2002.

By Yvette E

The tariff taxes have hit companies hard and they have passed that cost to the consumer resulting in consumers buying less and creating a ripple effect. When consumers panic, retailers panic which is the same thing that happened during the Great Recession.

Wildly high sale percentages and deals plus closing stores marked the beginning of the last Great Recession and we are already taking notice.

Here are 3 things to do now to get ready:

  1. Buy current styles at low prices and don’t care about seasons.
  2. Pay off outstanding debts. Try to curve out a deal with debtors to pay less now so save money in the long one.
  3. Get your monthly payments down to a minimum and trybto spend less.

It’s time to start saving because that storm is on the horizon.

What do you think? Is another big recession on the way?

Happy Monday!!💋

If you looking for current fashion trends at a deep discount; ASOS has them!

Hello Readers!

I hope your 2020 is starting off on a good note. In the past we used to do sale alerts so I want to bring that back; especially ones that give you key pieces at steep discounts. When I was looking on ASOS for a new faux fur coat to wear to Vegas next month; I was shocked to not only find what I wanted but that it was in the current and most likely trend to stay, Animal print! I was able to find a long leopard print faux fur coat that retailed for $170 for $33! Yes you read that right! I also saw other trends for 2020 on deep discount like metallics and neon! So run those fingers over to ASOS and stock up on all the trends at up to 80% off!

Your fashion Goddess,


These are all upcoming trends for 2020!

Party of five is back with an all Hispanic cast that have to deal with their parents deportation. We attended the launch party last night.

By Yvette E

Party of Five was one of the shows we all watched in the 90s and just like Charmed, Sabrina the teenage Witch, 90210, and Full House. And like all these shows joins the list of reboots.

Although, like Charmed, the cast is Hispanic and is dealing with current events.

The event started at 6:30pm and drinks and hor d’oeuvres were served. Mexican popcorn was ditched just before the premiere and an Q&A followed.

We were then lead to another room with gift bags, more libations and more food. Custom handkerchiefs and jewelry rounded out the night.

The show is worth a watch and is scheduled for a 2 hour premiere on freeform tonight at 8pm.

Tune into our YouTube and Instagram later to check out the Q&A with the actors.

Happy Wednesday 💋

As we approach war over oil on Iran, raising tariff taxes and an impeachment trail, there is no stability in the US and no place for Classic Blue.

By Yvette E

When I read the reason behind picking another blue after 20 years to honor the first pick of Cerulean, I can only think back to the more sure footing of turn of the century.

Today, nationalism is creating a more turbulent scene and there is no stability so this year, is slate grey.

Grey is a moody color and go between elegant and dirty, bold and dingy, and depression. Slate grey has a hint of blue so it has a tinge of hope on the horizon.

The color of the year has always been applied to everywhere but no one country has stability right now.

The turn of the decade is dipped in chaos and we need a color that represented it.

What color did you choose for this year?

Let us know and #tfgnyc on instagram to see a repost on our page.

Happy New Year!💋

What a crazy year it’s been..

Hello lovely readers!

2019 was a very crazy and stressful year so we decided to take a break the rest of December! We will be away from my jewel encrusted iPad until January.. Please read the archives! Follow us on Instagram @tfgnyc and if you want to send us something our address is PO. Box 6938, Jersey City, NJ 07306. Happy holidays and here’s to hoping 2020 will be amazing for us all…hugs

your fashion goddesses,

Eva & Yvette

All the glitz and glamour on full display at BCBG Holiday Party.

Hello lovely readers!

Last Thursday we had the honor of attending a holiday party hosted by The daily Front Row magazine for BCBGMaxAzria.. Party goers didn’t come to play as they dressed in genuine furs (to keep warm from the arctic temps that night in NYC), sequins and rhinestones.. There was plenty of mix vodka cocktails, Champagne, appetizers and sampling’s of the world’s most expensive Beluga Cavier! Guests left with a nice BCBG tote bag filled with, jewelry, lip balm and a coupon to come back!